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BedtimeBaby.com is run by me, Cathy Rogers. A mom of three amazing kids born over a span of 23 years. (Yes, crazy I know… ).

My first child was born in September of 1986, hard to believe it’s been 31 years since I started on the journey of motherhood! My second child, a son, was born 5 years after the first. He is my Christmas baby, born Christmas Day in 1991. The last baby, my little peanut to the left was born 18 years later, in 2009. I was 43 years old and yep, the old girl still had it!

It was while I was home with baby #3 that I decided I wanted to start blogging about my family – more specifically baby stuff. I had stopped working so I could stay home with my little girl, and I was getting bored. I was amazed at how much baby products and general ‘best practices’ in caring for them had changed since my older children were born.

It seemed that everything I knew and practiced with the older kids had been reversed. When they were infants we were told they needed to sleep on their bellies or their side, now babies should be placed on their backs to sleep.

Breastfeeding has become the new ‘norm’ as the best (and it really is!) way to feed your baby. Back then, everyone was pushing all these big name baby formula products on us. Cribs had drop sides, car seats weren’t near as strictly mandated, and vaccines were no big deal.

Trying to re-educate myself on all the new rules of motherhood was a bit overwhelming at times, but I gained a lot of insight and knowledge that I wanted to share. My biggest thing was decorating and cribs, not that we had more than one, just an old hand me down Jenny Lind (with a drop side! Ugh!) but I had wanted to decorate her room so it looked like a magazine photo – but we didn’t have the money to do it at the time.

So I started BedtimeBaby as more of a hobby than a business – just a place to share cute stuff I found and maybe help pay the water or electric bill since we were no longer a two income household. I have had many months of neglecting this site completely. And other times I had so many ideas in my head to share that I wrote several posts a day. Now, I just want to give my readers a place to find out important topics on babies, what is trending, how to keep them safe, and maybe share a story or two of my three decades of motherhood.

While I hope you find some useful information here, keep in mind all opinions are my own, the products I like and share may be attached to affiliate links (when / if you purchase through them I may be compensated monetarily for referring you to the merchant). When using these links, you are not charged any more than if you went to the site directly, so there is no scamming or scheming. I generally won’t share items that are not well rated or that I don’t have personal experience with, so you can expect a good value from the products/information I share.

I look forward to letting you get to know me, and maybe one day I’ll expand this site to be more of a forum for moms of all ages to share experiences and ideas on the easiest and best ways to raise our babies.


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