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Best Pacifiers for Baby    The Top Picks in Pacifiers for Baby Not everyone needs a pacifier for their baby, and many parents choose not to even   introduce them to their child for various reasons.  For others though, their child is comforted and soothed by the sucking reflex, and many pediatricians report that pacifier use has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS in newborns and  infants. There are both pros and cons to pacifier use for babies, and every child’s needs are unique, you can read about both sides of the debate in this thorough article by…

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Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier

Which Humidifier is Best For Baby? Looking for the Best Humidifiers for Baby’s room? When your baby gets a stuffy nose, a cough or dry itchy skin, many Moms and medical professionals recommend a humidifier for their room. In winter months, it is not uncommon for babies to get what appears to be a cold, or they seem to scratch at their skin more often than they do in summer months. Why is this? Quite simply the air in your home is dried out due to the use of your home heating system.  Cold air outside and the dry heat…

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