Freddie The Firefly Mobile

Freddie The Firefly Mobile

Freddie The Firefly Mobile
Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Musical Mobile

Freddie The Firefly Mobile

The Freddie the Firefly crib mobile by Lamaze is wonderful for infant development. The stimulating and entertaining mobile is designed with baby’s natural development in mind and is highly acclaimed by most parents who have chosen it for their new baby.

This large mobile is great for so many reasons! Not only do the babies love it, but, it helps with their sensory development in the vision, hearing, as well as recognition areas.

Before babies are 3 months old they say they can only see in black & white. One side of the Freddie the Firefly mobile ‘s wings are patterned in black and white to address this stage of infant development.

After three months you can remove the wings and flip them over to reveal the bright colors to continue to stimulate baby’s interest.

Not only is this mobile visually stimulating with the patterns and color choices, but the large size of this mobile makes it easy for baby to focus on. There are several other features of this crib mobile that make it one of my top choices for your baby.

There is a light up function on Freddie’s tail, with two different settings which slowly changes colors making it something of a nightlight when baby is first drifting off to sleep at night.

Freddy The Firefly Mobile in Action

Want to see just what this great mobile can do? Watch this short clip created by the manufacturer, you can even see how the real life judge “JD”, a 3 month old baby reacts to Freddy flying high over his crib at nap time.
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The musical feature is great too. It can play four different musical selections at two different volume settings. The gentle lullaby music soothes fussy babies, and gives a nice bit of ‘white noise’ type of stimulation perfect for entertaining +There is even a timer that you can set for either 15 or 30 minutes of play time. While the music is playing Freddie’s wings flap up and down very slowly, which raises and lowers the soft flying friends (the round bug mobile parts).

Item features:

  • Musical Freddie the Firefly Mobile
  • reversible wings – black & white or vivid colors
  • Light up tail
  • four music selections with 2 level volume control


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