Neutral Crib Bedding Sets – The Smart Choice

Neutral Crib Bedding Sets – The Smart Choice

Neutral Crib Bedding For Maximum Versatility

Mamas & Papas Once Upon a Time 4 pc Baby Bedding Set


Neutral Crib Bedding is our top recommendation when planning your nursery. While we all love to decorate for a baby boy or a baby girl specifically, choosing a neutral crib bedding set allows for more flexibility and cost effectiveness.

How? Well, crib bedding becomes a main focal point in the baby’s nursery, but you can always accessorize more gender specific with a neutral crib bedding set.

If this is your first child, or if you know you plan to have more children in the future, a neutral crib bedding set can be passed down to the next baby.

Choosing a set like this top rated “Once Upon A Time” Bedding Set by Mamas & Papas, allows you to take a theme and re-use it again for a second or even third child.

Adding some brown and blue colors in the form of toys, blankets, and wall decor items, this room is easily, all boy. Change it up with some pink and lavender touches, a stuffed animal or a frilly lamp and you immediately change the look from ‘boy’ to all girl.

Not only is gender neutral crib bedding optimal for future children in your family, but should you decide to yard sale it, place it in a consignment shop or just pass on to friends or a family member, it will be appropriate for either boys or girls and has a higher probability of re-use.

Neutral Crib Bedding With Gray or White As A Primary Color

Gray and White make fantastic choices in your neutral crib bedding selection. They are both very flexible in their ability to be a base color for just about any color scheme. You can use paint and furniture to bring in the colors you want for your baby girl or baby boy’s room. There is just not a color that won’t blend well with these foundation colors.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary or modern crib bedding look, or something with a bit more colorful splash, there are top rated design choices that you can truly create the nursery of your dreams.

These are a few of the best selling styles in gray and white crib bedding designs available at

Green Crib Bedding – Not Just for Boys Anymore!

There are so many neutral crib bedding designs that include green themes, and a baby girl’s nursery would look incredible with any of them. The green in neutral crib sets is usually paired with complimentary beige or cream tones and you can again accessorize the rest of the nursery decor with more feminine or masculine items to make it more gender specific for your baby.

Beige, Cream and Brown – Earthy Neutral Crib Bedding

When anyone says ‘neutral crib bedding’, these are the colors that immediately come to mind. For an earthy, natural color scheme and nursery theme, you can’t go wrong with these colors. As easily combined with pink as they are with blue, green, orange and even purple, the earth tones combine beautifully with every color nature can produce.

These are probably the most popular colors in choosing neutral crib bedding, mostly because most people are a bit hesitant to go with the white color schemes. Everyone thinks the white will show the dirt and stains more readily, and we all know that babies make stains. With the multiple shades of browns, creams and tan or beige, many of those ordinary mishap reminders are more easily hidden by the colors of the fabrics.

The best reasons to go with neutral crib bedding is of course that you can color it up with whatever you like and it will still look great. Add to that the benefit of being able to use it for future children, and resale value you know you just can’t go wrong no matter what style you choose.

If you’re looking for a great neutral crib bedding set at a great price, check out some of the hottest available designs on eBay below.

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